Peter J. Atwood fiction

About this web site

I first built this web site on a clunky G3 PowerBook running OS X 10.3 using BBEdit (v7.1) as my HTML editor. Graphic Converter (v5.2) and an ancient version of Photoshop (v2.5!) were used for what little graphics work was needed.

Nowadays, I maintain it on my MacBook Air running macOS Sierra. I use a simple code editor, a simple FTP app for uploading, and Graphic Converter still does the image work.

W3 Schools tutorials and references were essential in putting it together and have taught me a lot. Markdown, specifically Michel Fortin’s PHP Markdown, and HTML Purifier and CSShake improved the behind the scenes workings.

This site is hosted by 1&1 web hosting, which has turned out to be a comprehensive, well run, and inexpensive hosting service.